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Updated: Aug 29, 2018

If you want to see (and hear!) how amazing 1254 horsepower can be on the back of a boat, head along to and enter for a chance to win a ride on a Seven Marine powered boat.

The prize trip will only be run during the Auckland On The Water Boat Show that is being held from September 27th to 30th in the Viaduct Harbour. We will sort your tickets for the event, you just have to get yourself there.

You and one friend will get to be onboard and experience for yourself the largest outboard engines on the planet. Both winners have to be over 18 and we will lend you a lifejacket. You have to supply the change of clothes...

You must enter before September 19th and we will pick the winner shortly after that. For full terms and conditions, visit

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The term they used was 'Awesome'. Seems a pretty accurate description. We've uploaded the pdf for you to read.

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